The Centennial Opening Concert  

Rabin Square  , 4/4/2009

Hundreds of thousands of people crowded into Rabin Square on Saturday night for free extravaganza concert to celebrate the city's 100th birthday.

Hundreds of performers participated in the most lavish event in the history of the city, which has launched a series of events marking the city's centenary with the total cost of NIS 70 million.

The show started with Israel Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by special guests Zubin Mehta and Ilan Mochiah with a rousing medley including pieces by Tchaikovsky and Strauss. They were followed by Israeli rock icon Berry Sakharoff, as well as other leading singers and bands, including Matti Caspi, Monica Sex, Dani Robas and Dana International.

The concert was followed by a disco, which blasted trance and dance music across a five-block area and sparked an impromptu street party.

The celebrations also featured an impressive firework display, and a keynote address by Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai. All roads leading to Rabin Square were cordoned off by police.

The celebrations will continue in the coming weeks, and include a special memorial for the founding families of the city.

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