The White Night Celebrations - Main event

All over the city, 5/27/2009

The White Night of Tel Aviv is back – and it's 100 times bigger! One of the city's most favorite events is returning on May 27th to celebrate the Centennial Year.

This year's White Night will be the largest ever, encompassing dozens of open-air festivities, concerts, rock shows, opera performances, theatrical presentations, night tours, special menus at select restaurants, and much more!

This year, in homage to the City's 100th birthday, the White Night will pay tribute to the heritage of Old Tel Aviv and the White City legacy.

The main events will take place on Rothschild Boulevard, which will feature period costumes and décor, a salute to classic Tel Aviv poetry, writing and theatre, and many nostalgic treats that will bring current Tel Avivis back to the 1930's and 1940's.

As always, (almost) all the events are free, so be sure to plan ahead and arrive by foot – the city will be packed! 



white night - 100 times more

Wednesday, MAY 27, 2009

* Entrance to all the events is free of charge unless cited otherwise.
* The schedule of events is not final and is subject to change.

Lighting the Bauhaus
50 Bauhaus buildings along Rothschild Boulevard and Bialik Street will be lit with special lighting designs.

Theatre in the Station Complex
What: Tel-Aviv-Yafo's theatres salute Little Tel Aviv
Gesher Theatre will present selections from William Shakespeare's "The Twelfth Night"
Gesher's website:
Habima Theatre will present "About the Kettle and the Broom": a musical tribute to the theatres that started performing in Tel Aviv in the late 1920s
Habima's website:
Where: Station Complex – adjacent to Neve Tzedek
When: 21:00-24:00

Singing in Sarona
What: A song festival of Israeli classics
Where: Sarona Templar Colony – along Kaplan Street
When: 22:00-02:00

Dancing in White
What: Dance and song festival – come dressed in white!
Where: Gordon Beach
When: 22:00 – 02:00

Yehudit Ravitz at dawn
What: Famous Israeli singer will perform at dawn with her biggest hits
Where: North Tzuk Beach
When: 01:00 – 05:00

All-Night Party at Alma Beach
Where: Charles Clore Beach (Manta Rey)
When: 22:00–04:00

"Ballad to a Woman" – Poems by Tirza Atar
What: Presented 30 years after the poetess's death, the show offers a glimpse into the world of this special and multifaceted creator. Performed by Hanna Meron, Shula Hen, Alma Zak, Ofer Bashan and Natan Salor, et al.
Where: Performing Arts Center Piazza, 19 Shaul Hamelech Boulevard
When: 22:00–02:00

Little Tel Aviv – East and West
What: Bialik Square will host a coffee shop reminiscent of the European cafes of the 1920s, accompanied by live music – Between East and West. Bialik Street will be lit with decorative lighting and there will be nighttime tours of the complex.
Program: Yair Delall and an ensemble of musicians playing violin, oud, sitar, Bedouin flute and percussion instruments (20:00-21:30); Marsh Dondurma Band – 15 percussion and woodwind musicians in a captivating Balkan craze: a parade along Bialik Street and a dazzling performance in the square (21:30-midnight)
Where: Bialik Complex
When: 19:00-02:00

Electric Opera in the Sharon Garden
What: Israel Opera soloists, accompanied by a pianist, in an evening of songs from Little Tel Aviv and the Good and Beautiful Israel; the prize-winning Coral Vocal Ensemble presents a fascinating and diverse repertoire, including unusual arrangements of songs composed by Israel's leading musicians, Little Tel Aviv songs, and some added jazz, Gospel, pop and folklore
Where: The Sharon Garden – Hahashmal Park Complex (Levontin, Barzilai, Hahashmal Streets)
When: 21:00-midnight

If You Were on Rothschild
What: White Night pays tribute to Little Tel Aviv on Rothschild Boulevard – from 21:00 to 01:00

* Dizengoff Statue Dedication – A statue of Dizengoff on horseback, created by David Zondelowitz, will be installed opposite Dizengoff's home on 16 Rothschild Boulevard, 18:00
* A special tour of the White City marking the inauguration of The White Route – from Rothschild to Sheinkin – the generation of growth; Tel Aviv's development to the east from the 1920s to the 1940s; Starting at midnight
The first 30 participants will win a free tour – courtesy of the Centennial Administration

A Variety of Activities, Shows and Festivities on Rothschild Boulevard:
The Y Circus presents "Four Floating Frames" – a performance by the "Fly Y Aerial Dance Theatre"; Israel's National Circus Group; a display of period costumes; the Story Bus – transportation stories related to Tel Aviv's history; an exhibition of classic cars by The 5 Club; screening of student films, part of the "Revealing the City" project; a tango band and dancers on an old-time dance floor; a pageant of carriages driven by poets reading poetry; a display of traditional crafts; Photography Studio – photography booths set against a period background reminiscent of Little Tel Aviv, where visitors can have their photograph taken and receive a framed picture; the Shabazi Circus presents "Ascending Café" – a characteristic Tel Aviv bar-restaurant that operates in the air; I'll Clothe You in a Dress of Concrete and Cement – fashion pageants inspired by Tel-Aviv-Yafo; Wearing White – characters dressed in white costumes and illuminated using a special technique, will dance among the crowd of celebrants
Where: Along Rothschild Boulevard
When: 21:00-01:00

White Night in the Sephardic Synagogue
What: Traditional melodies and songs
Where: The "Ohel Moade" Sephardic Synagogue, 5 Shadal Street
When: Starting at 21:30

Tel Aviv's Hyde Park: A Tel Aviv Mosaic at the Big Synagogue
What: an open stage for discourse and singing; participants: Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, Tel-Aviv-Yafo's Chief Rabbi, Pini Gershon, Maccabi Tel Aviv's basketball coach, Shmuel Vilozny, et al.
Where: The Great Synagogue, 110 Allenby Street
When: Starting at 21:30

Opening White Night at the Jaffa Port
What: A musical feast before sunset: classical Jewish music and traditional Arab music performed by the Joseph and One Ensemble – nine Jewish and Arab musicians who create original music inspired by a variety of styles - including classical Arab music, western classical music, Flamenco, jazz, rock, et al.
Where: Jaffa Port entrance piazza near the shore
When: 19:00-20:30

* For details call: 03-6832255

There's Nothing like Jaffa at Night – Guided Cruise
What: A guided cruise from the Jaffa Port to the open seas, with guides from Mishkenot Ruth Daniel
Where: Jaffa Port
When: Tours leave at 18:20, 19:30, 20:30; tour and cruise duration: approximately 45 minutes
Price: NIS 30 per person; reservations must be made in advance
For details and reservations: 054-2288958;

"Kappisch" Café Under the Stars
What: Food and beverage booths will be manned by deaf waiters and barmen at the "Nalaga'at" Center coffee shop
Where: "Nalaga'at" Center, Aliyah Shenia Pier, Jaffa Port, Tel: 03-6330808

A Variety of Marine Activities
Sailing Center: Riding aquabikes at sunset, between 18:00–20:00
Special terms for those registering for courses; details and registration: 03-6810066
Sailor Club: Romantic cruises, starting from sunset until 04:00. The cruise includes explanations about yachts and sailboats. Participants will be able to navigate the yacht, supervised by the instructors.
Tour and cruise duration: About an hour; light refreshments will be served during the cruise
Price: NIS 95 per person or NIS 170 per couple. Discounts for those registering for a yacht sailing course.
For details and reservations: 077-2120367
Sea Goddess Club: Sea Goddess, a new and elegant sailing yacht, will cruise along Tel-Aviv-Yafo's charming beaches on White Night
Departures: A special sunset cruise at 19:00; additional cruises at 20:30, 22:00, 23:30, 01:00; the cruise lasts about 90 minutes; cost: NIS 100 per person or NIS 180 per couple; advance reservations are recommended: 03-5189447
Kyak4all Club: A chance to try out marine kayak rowing; cost: NIS 100 – reservations must be made in advance: 054-7757076

Flea Market – The Nighttime Version
What: The Flea Market will stay open into the night, offering a unique opportunity to stroll around its picturesque and charming alleyways and various shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants
Where: Flea Market, Jaffa

White Stage
What: A function preceding the "Small Bama" events, where students will present plays they wrote during the year as part of their studies in the Department of Theatre. There will also be creative, dance and theatre workshops facilitated by students and teachers from the Department; food and beverages and a dance party until the wee hours of the morning
Where: Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Arts, Mexico Building (entrance via Gate 8)
When: 22:00–04:00

The 5 Club Car Show
What: The famous collectors club exhibits classic cars
Where: Rabin Square
When: 20:00-23:00

Education Biennial
What: An exhibit of works prepared by pupils as part of the special Centennial projects. 25 different schools in the city will present works of art inspired by Tel-Aviv-Yafo, created during the Centennial year. Click here
When: 19:00-20:00

"Tel Aviv Postcards" Films
What: Screening of "Tel Aviv Postcards" films – short documentary films made by 11th and 12th graders
Where: Tel Aviv Cinematheque
When: Starting at 13:00

Tel Aviv-Jaffa Tourism Association -Tours Throughout the City
* Price of each tour: NIS 30 per person
* Reservations at the Tourism Association's Information Bureau: 03-5166188 (which will provide information about where the tours leave from)

Houses Talk in Nachlat Binyamin: 19:00 – Guide: Yehudit Livnat
Bialik: 19:00
Neve Tzedek's Magical Lanes: 19:30 – Guide: Ilan Shechori
Along Rothschild Boulevard: 20:00 – Guide: Doron Ozer
Around Dizengoff Square: 20:30 – Guide: Shula Vidrich
Tel Aviv Amidst the Songs: 21:00 – Guide: Yifat Avitzedek
Tel Aviv Today: 21:00 – Guide: Maor Sadeh
Late Night Stories: Midnight – Guide: Yossi Goldberg
Special White City tour marking the inauguration of The White Route: Midnight

* Price for each tour: NIS 30 per person
* Reservations at the Tourism Association Information Bureau: 03-5166188 (which will provide information about where the tours leave from)
* The first 30 to make a reservation will receive a free tour – courtesy of the Centennial Administration

A Night of Surprises at the City's Pantheon – Trumpeldor Cemetery
What: This lantern-lit tour starts with a mysterious murder in the municipal park, and continues with secrets, stories and surprises between the graves at the Trumpeldor Cemetery
Where: The Restored Trumpeldor Cemetery
When: Two tours: 22:00, 24:00, led by Yossi Sherman and Yossi Goldberg

Special Menus in Honor of White Night – NIS 79 per Person
What: Restaurants around the city will offer discounted menus in honor of White
Alter Nativ
Amali Resto Bar
Bar Giora
Betty Ford
Dim Sum
Frida Kahlo
Lemon Grass
Max Brenner
Mifgash HaSteak
Ming Ling
Nalaga'at Center
Patron Events
Subkuch Milega
Sushi to Go
Tel Aviv River
When: Throughout the Shavuot holiday and weekend, Wednesday-Saturday, May 24-30

Driving and Making Music
What: A Dixie band will drive around the city on the Tourism Association's Dan City Tour Bus, playing Tel Aviv songs from different periods and styles
Where: Throughout the city
When: 20:00-24:00

Using a Positive Approach
What: The "Anima – Positive Approach" Center and the Two for Cats boutique will together offer activities for your pets: first behavioral consultation free of charge; complementary and alternative treatments for animals; organic products for pets manufactured by the Center will be sold at a 20% discount
Where: "Anima – Positive Approach" Center, 3 Eliezer Peri Street, Atarim Square, street level; Tel. 072-2501049, 052-2611049, 054-2382770

White Night Events at Beit Ariela
What: Classical music concert, featuring the pianist Tal-Haim Samnon who will play works by Grieg, Brahms, Chopin and Paul Ben-Haim, and the clarinetist Keren Goldenzweig
Where: Beit Ariela, 25 Shaul Hamelech Blvd., Tel 03-6910141
When: 22:30-23:30

What: Jazz Into the Night
Where: Beit Ariela
When: 23:30-01:30

What: The "Soft Cover" band in a melodic rock performance, featuring the best of Hebrew songs
Where: Auditorium
When: 23:00-24:00

What: "The Family" band in an Israeli rock performance
Where: Auditorium
When: 24:00-01:00

What: The Eliyahu Brothers – "Tel Aviv Postcards 1920-1940" – an exhibit from the first postcards company in Israel, documenting Tel Aviv's history from the beginning of the 1920s until the late 1930s. Books from the library's surplus stocks and Graphotek collection lithographs by Israeli artists will be sold as well. Visitors will also be able to sit in the coffee shop on the premises.
Where: Beit Ariela, 25 Shaul Hamelech Blvd., Tel 03-6910141
When: 22:30-03:00

White Night at Ben-Gurion's House
20:00-24:00: Guided tours at Ben-Gurion's House (every hour starting at 20:00; the last tour is at 23:30)
20:00-21:30: "Israel's Wars as Reflected in Hebrew Songs" – a lecture by Yotam Regev, Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute
22:00: "A Mysterious Murder on the Beach – Who Killed Arlozorov?" – a guided tour led by Yaron Dishon, Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute; the tour leaves from the Ben-Gurion House yard (contingent on a minimum number of participants)
Where: 17 Ben-Gurion Blvd., Tel. 03-5221010

"Key Role" – A Multimedia Performance Written and Performed by Shlomo Bar-Shavit
What: The play, adapted and directed by Moshe Becker, is part of the conference
"Habima at 90 – New Approaches to National Theatre." Tickets can be
purchased by phone at 03-6295555, *5008, or on the Habima website:
Where: Shein Auditorium, "Yad Lebanim", 63 Pinkas Street
When: Wednesday, May 27 at 20:30
The conference, open to the public free of charge, will be held on May 24-27; the
conference program is posted on

The City's Jewel – The Tel-Aviv-Yafo Jewelry Fair
What: Rashbel Ltd. and the Magnolia jewelry store chain, in cooperation with the Centennial Administration, invite you to a jewelry fair presenting the creations of Israel's top jewelry designers.
Where: "Gan Haeer" Roof, 71 Ibn Gevirol Street
When: 17:00-03:00

White Night at the Third Ear: A Tribute to Arik Einstein
What: A variety of events and activities at the store's complex, marking Tel Aviv's Centennial and Arik Einstein's 70th birthday, the singer most associated with White and Black Tel Aviv – and their common elements; entrance free of charge
*A performance called "Don't Give Up On Me…Night After Night" will be held on the Third Ear's piazza – a cabaret marathon honoring Arik Einstein, with Yaheli Sobol, Dr. Casper's Rabbit Show, Tamar Eisenman, The Right Bunny, No Bears, Esther's Fast, The Good Looking Guys are With Me, and Midnight Peacocks.
* The Champions League final will be screened at Third Ear's bar, starting at 22:00; there will be a Free Style party starting at midnight
* Starting at midnight, films featuring Arik Einstein will be shown at Third Ear's movie theatre: "Peeping Toms", "Big Eyes", "Lool" and "The Snail"
* Customers who purchase a subscription for 25 or more movies will be entitled to a 20% discount at the DVD library, free lending of films whose titles include the words "white" and "night", and a free bonus movie if they are fans of Hapoel Tel Aviv
* Customers who purchase 3 Israeli films on sale will receive a free copy of "Peeping Toms"
More details can be found on:
Where: The Third Ear, 48 King George Street
When: Starting at 23:30

The Israeli Opera
What: A midnight concert of popular operas
Where: Opera House – Performing Arts Center, 19 Shaul Hamelech Blvd.
When: Starting at midnight

White Night at the Eretz Israel Museum
What: Exhibitions open to the public:
"Haredim" – Menahem Kahane, Photographs
"Tel Aviv's Secret History" – What Happened Here Over a Period of 20,000 Years?
"Ode to Concrete" – The Concrete Ethos in Israeli Construction and Culture
"Faith Train" – The Hejaz Railway Centennial
"China's Coins" – Chinese Means of Payment Over Time
"Nomads in the City" – Yael Ravid, Photographs
"Kinneret Memories" – Ben-Zion Yisraeli's Photograph Albums

* The Anina Cafe, located at the entrance to the Museum, will serve a Centennial Cocktail to all patrons and remain open until 02:00
* Special White Night entrance fees:
Entrance to the Museum: NIS 25 (instead of NIS 38)
Entrance to the Museum and the Planetarium: NIS 35 (instead of NIS 61)
Parking in the Museum's parking lot: free of charge after 22:00
More details can be found on:

Where: Eretz Israel Museum, 2 Haim Levanon Street
When: 20:00-02:00

White Night at the Rubin Museum
What: A selection of Rubin's paintings will be on display – including early paintings made in Europe, paintings made in pre-State Israel in the 1920s, and his late paintings from the 1960s and 1970s. Visitors will also be able to view a biographical presentation from the Museum's archives, tour the artist's restored studio and watch a documentary film about Rubin entitled "Even the Shadow is Light." Explanations about the exhibition will be provided by audio guides in Hebrew, English and French. A special exhibit will also be on display: Ida Reicher – Embroidery Works – Inspired by Rubin's Tel Aviv Landscapes from the 1920s. Ida Reicher creates unique embroidery works using a personal and precise work technique, with each figure taking one to five years to produce, depending on the size of the material. Reicher's works are a tribute to Rubin who, together with her father, was active in Zionist organizations in her hometown in Romania.
Entrance fee: NIS 15
Additional details on:
Where: Rubin Museum, 14 Bialik Street, Tel. 03-5255961
When: 19:00-midnight

Miri Masika in an Acoustic Performance
Where: Tel Aviv Zappa Club, Ziv Towers, 24 Raoul Wallenberg Street, Ramat HaHayal; for reservations call: 03-7674646
When: Doors open for the first performance at 20:00; doors open for the second performance at 23:00

Bikurei HaItim Center
Wensdance – Movement workshop with Eyal Shemesh, 21:00
Free dancing in a variety of styles with the D.J. Michal Gefen, from 21:45 until the wee hours of the morning
Cost: NIS 30 per person
6 Heftman Street, 03-6919510,

Welcoming the Sabbath – The Big Days of Little Tel Aviv
What: "Welcoming the Sabbath" was one of the most famous and popular cultural events held in Little Tel Aviv. Started by Bialik, every Sabbath it attracted hundreds of people, who came to hear lectures on literature, culture and spiritualism, alongside explanations of the weekly Torah portion as well as liturgical gems sung by Cantor Shlomo Ravitz. The White Night event will incorporate excerpts taken from the "Welcoming the Sabbath" archives and films shown in Tel Aviv's earliest days.
Artists, cantors and choir singers will reenact the special works that were composed for "Welcoming the Sabbath."
Performers: The Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute Choir, The Shikmim Choir (conducted by Menashe Lev-Ran), the singer Lior Yeni, the klezmer player Bernie Marinbach, and the wonder child Orad Katz. Musical direction: Menashe Lev-Ran.
Starting at 21:30 at the Brodet Center piazza; shops, a cafe and booths will be reconstructed to reflect the period and highlight the atmosphere; klezmer music will be played by Bernie Marinbach and other musicians
Where: Brodet Center, 22 Zeitlin Street
When: 22:00-24:30

"Tel Aviv Scenes" Exhibition – Opening
What: A comparison of photographs taken by Avraham Susskin between 1909 and 1926 and photographs taken by Ran Arda in 2009, documenting Tel Aviv's streets, buildings and quaint corners. Guy Raz, Shula Vidrich, Ran Arda and Susskin's grandson will speak at the opening. As part of the White Night events, the Bauhaus Center will be open until midnight.
Where: Bauhaus Center, 99 Dizengoff Street
When: 19:30

Spanish and Flamenco Dance Celebration – "Anda Jaleo"
What: The show highlights all the wealth and styles characterizing Spanish dance, with a focus on Flamenco.
Two performances in an intimate and authentic atmosphere. Tickets: NIS 50
Tickets can be purchased by phone at 03-5231453 or on the website
Where: Silvia Duran Spanish Dance and Flamenco Center, 53 Ben Yehuda Street, basement level
When: First performance at 21:30; second performance at 23:00

Tel Aviv Kabbalah Center – Evening Seminar
What: 21:00 – Kabbalist Astrology; 22:00 – Couple Relationships According to the Kabbalah; 23:00 – A Journey Through Kabbalist Spheres; 24:00 – "The Secrets of the Zohar" with Michael Berg, by live satellite broadcast from the U.S.; 01:00 – "Tel Aviv Kabbalists" – Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag and his student Rabbi Brandwein who lived and worked in Tel Aviv, and thanks to whom the city has become an important cultural and philosophical Kabbalah center.
No entrance fee to all the lectures – also suitable for beginners. It will be possible to meet individually with Kabbalah teachers for private lessons, receive reduced prices and discounts on the gamut of Kabbalah books in all languages and on Kabbalah courses, read Kabbalah books and the Zohar in the Kabbalah library, and participate in the launch of a new collection of Kabbalah jewelry made by Israeli artists and designers.
Additional information:
Where: Kabbalah Center, 14 Ben Ami Street, Dizengoff Square, 1-800-32-2626
When: Starting at 21:00

The National Dance Company of Spain, Under the Direction of Nacho Duato
What: Part of the "Great Stage" events, three of the company's classics will be performed: Gnawa, Castrati and For Thee I Die
Tickets: NIS 210 (a discount for Tel Aviv residents)
Tickets: Tel. 03-5105656 or on the website:
Where: Suzanne Dellal Center
When: 21:00. The Great Stage piazza will be open to the public about 45 minutes prior to showtime.

Shavuot Party: Alcohol and Refreshments Honoring the Shavuot Holiday at Studio 6B
What: 21:00 – an exhibition of the preparatory course graduates' portfolios
23:00-01:00 – a nude model drawing marathon at three different sites in the studio
Where: Studio 6B, 39 Ahad Ha'am Street, Tel. 1-800-360366,
When: 21:00-23:00

Dance Classes at the Naim Studio – Mind, Body & Soul
What: 24:00-01:30 – hip hop; 02:00-3:30 – Brazilian samba; 03:30-05:00 – contact improvisation; 05:00-06:30 - yoga at sunrise
An exhibition of photographs by the artist Tali Alohav is on display at the studio. Cost per class: NIS 40
Where: Naim Studio, 46 Salame Street, Tel. 03-5188998,
When: Starting at midnight

Tel Aviv Cinematheque – A Marathon of Documentary Films Dealing With Israeli Music and Rock
What: The following films will be screened during the marathon:
On the Move (Israel, 2008): directed by Avida Livni (75 minutes, Hebrew) – Ehud Banai, Yossi Elefant and the "Refugees" (Jean-Jacques Goldberg, Gil Smetana and Noam Zaid-Halevi); an everlasting musical passion that laid the foundations for all Israeli rock – 24:00
Wearing Top Hats: A Postcard's Disturbed Skies (Israel, 1998): directed by Hen Sheinberg (48 minutes, Hebrew) – rare excerpts from performances and songs never incorporated in any formal record
Hard Light, Soft Light (Israel, 2000): directed by Hen Sheinberg (40 minutes, Hebrew) – a film about the journalist Kobi Or, one of the most influential figures in Israeli alternative rock, and about rock journalism – 24:00 (Auditorium 2)
Stormy Souls (Israel, 2002): directed by Natan Mandelbaum (82 minutes, Hebrew and English, Hebrew subtitles) – a film about the Israeli rock band "Minimal Compact"; a journey to discover the band's extraordinary story through interviews with its members – 01:30
Bombs En Route to the End of the World (Israel, 2000): directed by Yeshri Halperin (52 minutes, Hebrew, English subtitles) – documents the world of trance in Israel, as well as trance and drugs and what's common to them; a documentary ballad about young Israelis at the end of the second millennium - 02:00 (Auditorium 2)
Prices: Long films and/or two films: NIS 33; films shorter than 60 minutes: NIS 20; Tel Aviv residents with a resident's card: 50% discount; subscribers enter free of charge
Where: Tel Aviv Cinematheque, 2 Sprinzak Street,
When: Starting at midnight

White Night at Tzavta
20:30 in Tzavta Lola (1): "A Dove with an Olive Leaf" – songs of peace and longings for it, with Sarale Sharon and guests: Yehuda Elias, Dudu Zakai, Dorit Reuveni, Shuli Natan, Lubana Salama, Dror Meshulam
20:30 in Tzavta 2: "Tel Aviv Once Upon a Taste and a Time" – a fringe theatre play dealing with Tel Aviv
24:30 in Tzavta Lola (1): "Nerve Song" – an evening of satire with Ephraim Sidon – the best Israeli songs performed with a sharpened and piquant twist
24:30 in Tzavta Hazan (3): Sacred Wigs Drag Performance, an evening of special entertainment and provocative stand up comedy: replete with wigs and dresses, makeup, dancing, singing, and Israeli cynicism
Where: Tzavta, 30 Ibn Gevirol Street, Tzavta Box Office: 03-6950156/7, extension 21;
When: Starting at 20:30

"Hummus, Fries and Salad" – Theatre, Dance and...Hummus
What: The play, part of the Khan Theatre's repertoire, takes place in a hummus restaurant. The audience is invited to be seated and taste the hummus. Dancing about, the waiters serve a portion of hummus to each member of the audience until the creators of the play come in for some hummus and to resolve a crisis that has emerged between them. Regular price: NIS 70; special price for Tel Aviv residents, senior citizens and pupils: NIS 50
Where: Arab-Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa, 10 Mifratz Shlomo Street, Old Jaffa; for reservations call: 03-5185563;
When: 22:00-24:30

Plastic – Fashion and Culture Market
What: A nighttime shopping experience combined with a fashion party
A celebration for all fashion, art, music and culture buffs: 50 young fashion designers will sell their own creations – clothing, bags, jewelry, accessories, and household items. There will also be theatre presentations and live shows, as well as video art, photography and art exhibits. A Glam-Ou-Rama fashion party will be held in Shalom Tower courtyard.
Where: Shalom Tower ground floor, 1 Herzl Street
When: 19:00-04:00

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