Tel Aviv parties until dawn at annual ’White Night’ event

By Haaretz Staff , 27/05/2009

Thousands of Israelis from far and wide flocked to Rothschild Boulevard in central Tel Aviv on Wednesday night, as the city held its annual ”White Night” event, with parties, music and street theater lasting until the wee hours. img

If your health and fitness allow

Yossi Melman , 20/05/2009

A varied landscape and historic interest put Tel Aviv’s running routes on a par with those in New York, London, Paris or Moscow img

Temporarily, a city

Yossi Klein , 20/05/2009

Tel Aviv has never been destroyed by an earthquake or consumed by fire, but all signs of its having been born a century ago have been erased img

Mayo’r Meirs mare

By Meir Dizengoff , 11/05/2009

Tel Aviv’s first mayor forgot his promise to a Bedouin sheikh. Seven years later, in 1934, he lost his beloved horse img

When Tel Aviv was a wilderness

By Tom Segev , 10/05/2009

When the Turks evacuated Jaffa and Tel Aviv in 1917, masses of exiles were forced to wander the land in search of shelter img

Top alternative hangouts in Tel Aviv

By Hannah Glass , 05/05/2009

Jerusalem may be Israel’s capital city but Tel Aviv is the center of the country’s contemporary art scene. Here are just a few of the very best of the White City’s creative scene. img

Twilight Zone / My own private Tel Aviv

By Gideon Levy , 05/05/2009

A "For Sale" sign hung on the balcony of the second-floor apt at Number 8 this week img

Earthly cities, heavenly cities

By Aviad Kleinberg , 04/05/2009

City air, as the medieval maxim asserted, sets you free img

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