Tel Aviv kicks off centennial celebrations in retro-style

Ariel Zilber, 03/04/2009

Tel Aviv, Israel’s cultural and entertainment hub, kicked off its centennial celebrations on Thursday as only it can - with a festive pageant featuring the brightest names and biggest stars in film, theatre, music, and literature. img

Street art, the backdrop to Tel Aviv life

By Adam Abrams ,

A trek through southern Tel Aviv reveals unique characteristics of the city that set it apart from other areas of Israel>>> img

Top 10 ice cream parlours in Tel Aviv

Tiki Golan ,

In honor of the imminent heat wave, we present 10 of the best ice cream parlors
in Tel Aviv. img

Tel Aviv Top Five: Most mouthwatering desserts

City Mouse Online ,

Five options for which it would definitely be worth abandoning your diet. img

Top 10 pizzerias in Tel Aviv

Matan Abramovitch,

There is no need to go across to Europe to find an authentic Italian pizza-Tel Aviv offers a fantastic range of great-tasting pizzas. img

Top five hummus joints in Tel Aviv

Matan Abramovitch,

Everyone has their favorite hummus restaurant but we dared to taste and choose the best in Tel Aviv. Read on to find out who made it into our top five. img

10 things that make Tel Aviv even cooler

By Sara Miller, Max Julius and Aliyana Traison ,

It’s official: Tel Aviv is the coolest city. According to the New York Times, that is. This week the paper of papers ran a lengthy love letter to Israel’s center of sea, sun, style and debauchery. But there are some things that the NYT missed, which are vital to the Tel Aviv experience: img

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