Top five hummus joints in Tel Aviv

Matan Abramovitch,



Everyone has their favorite hummus restaurant but we dared to taste and choose the best in Tel Aviv. Read on to find out who made it into our top five.

Hummus Ashkara
The owners of this veteran hummus joint pass the hummus test time after time. Running for 30 years and open 24 hours a day, Hummus Ashkara serves this Middle-Eastern dish with just a small amount of olive oil and minimal spices. Soup is available in addition in winter.

Price: NIS 20 for a plate of hummus including ful (cooked broad beans) and grains
Location: 45 Yerimiyahu Street
Tel: 03 546 4547

Hummus Abu Adham
This famous hummus eatery from Kfar Yassif opened its doors in Tel Aviv in 2003.

Cuisine at Abu Adham is prepared throughout the day and its strictly smooth hummus is said to be easy on the digestion. Chips and salad are tasty additions. However, if your appetite still isn't satisfied after the first plate, don't worry, Abu Adham rewards the hungry with a free side-dish.

Price: NIS 16 for a dish
Location: 7 Carlebach Street
Tel: 03 562 5051

Hummus Aba Gil
At Aba Gil's you'll receive health food and no mistake. The hummus served here is coarsely ground and comes with chickpeas, garlic sauce and lemon, a little tehina and olive oil and everything is organic.

And that's not all - you can complete your meal with soup, baked peppers, rice, steamed vegetables and organic pita, freshly baked on site.

Price: NIS 22 for a plate of hummus.
Location: 55 Yehuda HaLevi Street
Tel: 03 566 3320

Hummus Said
The Tel Aviv branch of the outstanding Acre-based Hummus Said is an ideal solution for those of you who have left the north of the country or just miss it. The recipe used is exactly the same as the one in Acre and fresh hummus is ready for the taking every hour.

The joint also offers shakshuka, another Middle Eastern favorite, meat dishes, chips and salad.

Price: NIS 17 per plate of hummus
Location: 12 Menachem Begin Way
Tel: 03 624 3136

Hummus Mashawa
Chickpeas at Hummus Mashawa are ground on site for each individual customer. The fresh chickpeas are not crushed completely and are served warm - the hummus here is without doubt one of the best in the country.

As well as its excellent hummus, Mashawa also serves good pita, tehina, salad and soup.

Price: NIS 19 for a Mashawa plate
Location: 40 Pinsker Street
Tel: 03 629 3796

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