The beauty of Tel Aviv

By Haaretz Editorial , 01/05/2009

The Festival of Spring, Passover, will find Tel Aviv celebrating its 100th birthday. Although the events will take place in the city’s avenues and street, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that marking the establishment of the first Hebrew city is a national holiday of sorts. img

Tel Aviv marathon enthralls city in its centennial year celebrations

By Ariel Zilber, Haaretz Correspondent, 24/04/2009

The Tel Aviv marathon was a sufficiently riveting event that it roused some 10,000 Israelis from their beds before the crack of dawn on Friday>>> img

Tel Aviv parties by pedal power on Earth Day

By Haaretz staff , 23/04/2009

Thousands of people in cities across Israel turned off their lights for an hour on Thursday night, to mark Earth Day. img

Restaurant recipes exposed: Eat out in Tel Aviv without leaving your home

By City Mouse , 21/04/2009

Do you want restaurant food but can’t afford to pay for it? Now here’s your chance to enjoy Tel Aviv’s top ten eateries, without leaving your own home. img

Thousands Gather for The Centennial Photo

Ariel Zilber, 17/04/2009

Descendants of the city’s founders gather for commemorative picture. img

Pesach fun for the whole family in Tel Aviv

City Mouse, 12/04/2009

If you’re in the neighborhood, you can check out street performances, art exhibitions, creative workshops for children, and an international drawing exhibit. img

Tel Aviv rocks the night away with centennial concert

Sara Miller and Noah Kosharek, 05/04/2009

One of the most important events of the Centennial Year is a festive Shabbat prayer, which will take place all img

Tel Avivians take to the streets to celebrate centennial 

Sara Miller, 03/04/2009

After a more dignified opening ceremony Thursday attended by the president, Tel Avivians took to the streets Friday to celebrate their city’s 100th birthday in a more
raucous manner img

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