Top 10 pizzerias in Tel Aviv

Matan Abramovitch,



The Pizza
Location: Bograshov 15

Tel: 03-5281077

Our recommendation: House pizza
Tomato sauce, mushrooms, mozzarella, parmesan, garlic and parsley. Comes with spicy chili sauce on the side.

Atmosphere: There is a good chance you'll bump into the restaurant owners Yariv and Smadar. Yariv creates the recipes and Smadar is responsible for the service in this pleasant family joint. There are no pre-prepared pizzas sitting on the counter; your pizza goes in the oven the moment you place your order.

Price: 28cm individual pizza costs NIS 32, another six shekels will get you two toppings. A half pizza will cost you NIS 18. Sorry, no individual slices!

Tony Vespa Pizza
Location: Rothschild 140; Dizengoff 267
Tel: 03-5460000

Our recommendation: Pepperoni pizza
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni cold-cuts and black pepper.

Atmosphere: After you have chosen the weight of your pizza (yes, they sell their pizzas by weight), enjoy your slice of Italy while standing on a balcony overlooking Rothschild Boulevard

Price: NIS 88 for a kilo of pizza. You can buy just a slice, but here this means a quarter of a pizza

Big Mama
Our recommendation: Pizza with roasted peppers and Bulgarian cheese.
Atmosphere: None. Confused? Big Mama closed its gates and became a take-away six months ago. The idea of individual round pizzas instead of slices came to Big Mama in the 1990s, inspired by the Italians.
Can I just have a slice of pizza? No, simply put, there aren't any.
Prices: Individual round pizza costs between NIS 44 and NIS 48; family pizza costs around NIS 75, depending on its ingredients.
Location: For Big Mama takeaway orders call 03 510 7805, 03 517 5065.

Beta Pizza
Our recommendation: Pesto and peppers pizza-tomato sauce, mozzarella, pesto sauce, roasted peppers and onion.
Atmosphere: You can put the pizza together yourself or go with one of the combinations concocted by the chef.
Can I just have a slice of pizza? Yes.
Prices: A slice of pizza costs NIS 14; a whole pizza costs NIS 83.
Location: Allenby 60; Lilienblum 21; Ha'Tarucha 3, Tel Aviv Port.

Il Pizzaiolo
Our recommendation: Pizza Napolitana-buffalo mozzarella, regular mozzarella, black olives, tomatoes and basil.
Atmosphere: The restaurant sign reads "Here is Garden of Eden." The restaurant has a modest counter and behind it, an open kitchen. The tables outside are laid with everything a pizzeria needs: garlic powder, oregano chili, Tabasco and good olive oil. And it's kosher too.
Can I just have a slice of pizza? Yes.
Prices: Regular slice of pizza costs NIS 14; with two toppings NIS 17; medium pizza with toppings costs NIS 57; large pizza with toppings costs NIS 79.
Location: Ben Yehuda 122.

Our recommendation: Tomato, basil and parsley pizza.
Atmosphere: Quarters of pizza are ready for purchase at the counter and behind them you can watch the pizzas being prepared. Devotees of paper-thin pizza and pizza that cracks in your mouth view "Agvania" as their temple. And it's kosher too.
Can I just have a slice of pizza? Here, pizza is served in quarters.
Prices: A quarter of regular pizza costs NIS 15, with an extra topping NIS 16.
Location: Sheinkin 19; Dizengoff Center 2nd floor; Ibn Gvirol 31; Azrieli, Menachem Begin 132.

Pappa's pizza
Our recommendation: Pizza with prosciutto and fried egg.
Atmosphere: Wooden tables and small vases of flowers gives the restaurant an authentic atmosphere while the chef provides a winning menu.
Can I just have a slice of pizza? No.
Prices: Medium size pizza with topping costs NIS 42.
Location: Hillel Ha'Zaken 13.

Our recommendation: Tuna and asparagus pizza-tomato sauce, cheese, smoked tuna, fresh asparagus, mushrooms, onion, peas and capers.
Atmosphere: Modest, quiet and tasteful. The menu offers you everything that was once customary to put on a pizza in Italy.
Can I just have a slice of pizza? No.
Prices: 32cm pizza to share costs betwen NIS 44-NIS 68 with toppings.
Location: Ha'Nadiv 36.

Our recommendation: Onion and eggplant pizza.
Atmosphere: Pop music, friendly staff and an Indian-Italian atmosphere.
Can I just have a slice of pizza? Pizza is served in quarters.
Prices: A quarter of pizza costs NIS 15; each topping costs NIS 2.
Location: Florentin 2; Sderot Chen 52.

Pizza Paza
Our recommendation: Mushroom and onion pizza.
Atmosphere: This pizzeria is under the same ownership as the neighboring Amore Mio restaurant. Pizza Paza is run with a sense of pride and makes great pizzas.
Can I just have a slice of pizza? Of course.
Prices: NIS 10 for a regular slice of pizza; toppings cost NIS 3 each.
Location: Ibn Gvirol 102.

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